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29 April – 8 May 2022
Pappelallee 69, 10437 Berlin
Being on a current agenda, 2chairs artspace gathers artists with a non-artistic background together to ruminate regarding a possible antidote to violence. Overcoming collectively a traumatic experience of witnessing, 2chairs artists ponder what can be brought to balance the world order and how to keep chairs free for a bright future.
Public program:
29 April, 6 pm
29 April, 6 pm
Vernissage, Artists talks
5 May, 6 pm
5 May, 6 pm
Birthday party, Readings (Jac Carley), cake
8 May, 6 pm
8 May, 6 pm
Finissage, Live music (Berlin Tango Project)
How it was
Meet 2chairs artists
  • Berta Cusó
    a Berlin-based illustrator and comic artist from Barcelona, has a background in architecture. Her world is colourful, full of detail and often with implicit humour, telling stories without the need for too many words.
  • Camila Piana
    a Peruvian artist, currently lives and works in Berlin, educated primarily as an Industrial Engineer. Today she obsessively draws circles and tells stories in an imaginary language strictly composed by using data.
  • Jac Carley
    a Berlin-based artist also known for her choreographic oeuvre as well as for published books and poems. Born in the USA she bought a one-way ticket to Berlin in 1976 and established Tanzfabrik there.
  • Lena Ash
    born in the USSR, first studied Geography, lives and works in Berlin as an independent curator and visual artist, in 2020 founded 2chairs artspace. In her artistic practice she is focusing on gender challenges.
  • Marina Abramova
    Berlin-based watercolourist, who studied metallurgy in past with the dream of being an artist. She finds stories for paintings almost everywhere, sometimes on trips, but more often in ordinary life.
  • Scott Culley
    an American-born artist, trained as an architect, who crafts unique quilted artworks and limited-edition prints to explore themes of macabre and masculinity, which are expressed through vibrant, intricate designs.