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contemporary positions on portraiture
The 2chairs artist collective is taking on the theme of portraits – each in their own way. A portrait represents more than its sitter, and often more than its maker. Created by artists looking for honesty in their own times, there is no clear definition of what makes a portrait a portrait. The face can be a window to history or a window to the soul. A facade to hide behind. The portraits presented by 2chairs artists are classical, abstract, wearable, reduced to circles and intersecting lines, pieced together on textiles, surreally stretched to new dimensions, reduced to their bare bones, or have become emotions with no human features. In short, artistic honesty leads to diversity.
How it was
Public program:
13 September, 7 pm
13 September, 7 pm
Vernissage / ManiFashion Show
Stefano Loiacono
ManiFashion Show is a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the elitism and classism at the core of the cultural industry, 'ManiFashion Show' is a performance devised as a runway presentation where the models are artists wearing their own artworks.
14 September, 6 pm
14 September, 6 pm
Political Action / Letter Writing Event
with support from Memorial Society, FAR Berlin (Feminist Anti-War Resistance, Demokrati JA
The Kremlin's invasion of Ukraine has provoked a dramatic increase in the number of political prisoners being held in Russia. Sending letters to political prisoners is more than an act of solidarity, it can light a beacon of hope and contribute to prisoner safety. We provide all materials, visitors provide words of warmth. Join us and make a difference. Lena Ash's stitched portraits of women held as political prisoners by Stalin have inspired this event. The evening will open with an introduction speech by Anke Giesen, co-founder German Memorial Society. Activists from FAR Berlin will read letters from Gulag prisoners.
15 September, 7 pm
15 September, 7 pm
Music / Dance: RealTime Composition Performance
with beyer/möller/reulecke
The interdisciplinary trio beyer/möller/reulecke, with its idiosyncratic instrumentation (daxophone, electronics & percussion), prefers to play at unusual, hard-to-find site specific locations. Such spaces will be then experienced and become familiar acoustically as well as through movement and dance. Spectators are thus invited to a sensual performance journey through unknown spaces.
16 September, 6:30 pm
16 September, 6:30 pm
Salon des Artistes
Bernd Reichert
The Salon des Artistes Halensee is an open platform for artists working in Berlin, or those in Berlin for a day, to meet and exchange. At each Salon a guest speaker is invited, one who is an art mediator in the largest sense (gallerists, curators, art historians and critics or art directors) to talk about their way of working with artists as well as their experience in the Berlin art scene. Lena Ash, founder of 2chairs artspace, will be the guest.
17 September, 16:00 – 18:30
17 September, 16:00 – 18:30
Life Study Drawing Session
hosted by Drink And Draw Berlin
A drawing session with a live model. All skill levels are welcome. Presented by Drink And Draw Berlin.
Entrance €15, to book in advance: https://www.drinkanddrawberlin.com/
17 September, 19:00
17 September, 19:00
Meet 2chairs artists
  • Annabelle Eugenia
    has a Master's in Industrial Design and came to Berlin from Paris in 2011. Her artistic approach is instinctive and based on the interplay of shapes, colours and materials, which can also be found in her photographic research.
  • Bernd Reichert
    paints portraits and figure studies in the traditional techniques of the old masters with modern pigments and mediums to the pursuit of truth and beauty. He has 30 years scientific experience in chemistry.
  • Camila Piana
    a Peruvian artist, currently lives and works in Berlin, educated primarily as an Industrial Engineer. Today she obsessively draws circles and tells stories in an imaginary language strictly composed by using data.
  • Jac Carley
    a Berlin-based artist also known for her choreographic oeuvre as well as for published books and poems. Born in the USA she bought a one-way ticket to Berlin in 1976 and established Tanzfabrik there.
  • Jingwen Yao
    is a Chinese visual artist with 10 years of experience as a product designer, living in Europe since 2012, now based in Berlin. In her art, she addresses pressing social issues such as environmental crises and gender challenges.
  • Josephine Riemann
    lives and works between Berlin and Wien. After more than 20 years of working at school, she fully devoted herself to artistic practice. Mostly she makes objects and installations related to everyday life.
  • Lena Ash
    born in the USSR, first studied Geography, lives and works in Berlin as an independent curator and visual artist, in 2020 founded 2chairs artspace. In artistic practice, she focuses on gender challenges.
  • Sabine Kontny
    is a Cologne-based multidisciplinary artist with a social worker experience in the past. Through her artistic practice, she develops feministic discourse and explores shamanistic approaches.
  • Sandra Stops
    is a Berlin-based painter. Before painting, she studied political science, worked as a lecturer, and run own chocolate manufactory. She understands painting as a process of dealing with everyday experiences.
  • Sarah Schultz
    was born in Berlin and has diverse education: photography, computer graphics, fine arts, religion and philosophy. She has various teaching assignments in the field of fine arts in Brandenburg.
  • Scott Culley
    an American-born artist, trained as an architect, who crafts unique quilted artworks and limited-edition prints to explore themes of macabre and masculinity, which are expressed through vibrant, intricate designs.
  • Stefano Loiacono
    born in Italy, obtained a Master's Degree in Psychology, currently based in Berlin. Inspired by murals, graffiti, mosaics and stained glass windows, he combines colours into an aggregation of organic shapes.