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28 April – 9 June 2024
2chairs artspace –
zu Gast bei Freunden

Burg Eisenhardt
Wittenberger Straße 14, 14806 Bad Belzig
2chairs artspace – zu Gast bei Freunden

The exhibition season 2024 starts with Kunstverein Hoher Fläming e.V. who invited 2chairs artspace to be guests at their space in Bad Belzig, Brandernburg. The group show "Zu Gast bei Freunden" ("Visiting Friends") curated by Sarah Schultz enters into a dialogue with the Venice Biennale 2024 theme "Foreigners everywhere". International 2chairs artists present their artworks between, around and their two chairs, material and spiritual.
How it was
Meet 2chairs artists
  • Camila Piana
    a Peruvian artist, currently lives and works in Berlin, educated primarily as an Industrial Engineer. Today she obsessively draws circles and tells stories in an imaginary language strictly composed by using data.
  • Jac Carley
    a Berlin-based artist also known for her choreographic oeuvre as well as for published books and poems. Born in the USA she bought a one-way ticket to Berlin in 1976 and established Tanzfabrik there.
  • Jingwen Yao
    is a Chinese visual artist with 10 years of experience as a product designer, living in Europe since 2012, now based in Berlin. In her art, she addresses pressing social issues such as environmental crises and gender challenges.
  • Josephine Riemann
    lives and works between Berlin and Wien. After more than 20 years of working at school, she fully devoted herself to artistic practice. Mostly she makes objects and installations related to everyday life.
  • Lena Ash
    born in the USSR, first studied Geography, lives and works in Berlin as an independent curator and visual artist, in 2020 founded 2chairs artspace. In artistic practice, she focuses on gender challenges.
  • Sandra Stops
    is a Berlin-based painter. Before painting, she studied political science, worked as a lecturer, and run own chocolate manufactory. She understands painting as a process of dealing with everyday experiences.
  • Sarah Schultz
    was born in Berlin and has diverse education: photography, computer graphics, fine arts, religion and philosophy. She has various teaching assignments in the field of fine arts in Brandenburg.
  • Stefano Loiacono
    born in Italy, obtained a Master's Degree in Psychology, currently based in Berlin. Inspired by murals, graffiti, mosaics and stained glass windows, he combines colours into an aggregation of organic shapes.