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Chair-Women by Josephine Riemann

In this performance I am trying to stay in touch with chairs of my life, lead my chairs,
handle my different schisms, guide them instead of being determined by them.
At the same time, I stay in touch with the history of my art during the performance, because the carpet chair is part of my work Mehrzweckwohnen (Multipurpose Living), made in 1992, and the crocheted wool dress and the fauteuil I combined in 1994 for my work Tarnkleid (Camouflage Dress).
The performance can be seen humorously as a kind "chair-full touch".
2022 (1994, 1992)
Objects / Installation / Performance
Armchair, crocheted wool, buttons, cut-out from a carpet
160 x 80 x 90 cm